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  1. I have always understood sculpting as a form of communication with my deepest and unconscious being. This very dialogue with myself is what allows me to understand the world surrounding me while discovering and developing my own self.

    I work mainly on sculptures and installations using a verity of techniques and materials since I try to find the ones which qualities help me express best in each project.

    I find inspiration in nature but at the same time, the observation of the human condition, distinct yet interrelated with its natural environment and expressed in its many different cultures across the world, has also fed my inspiration.

    In my quest to understand human’s place in nature and society I have based my work on the desire to understand the concept of home, with its many meanings. The elements that transform a place, a person, a language, a culture, etc. into a «Home», are a mystery and they can differ from one person to another.

    I explore different ways this idea of “Home” can be manifested, such as personal relations, physical spaces, and the mind as its purest representation.

    The meditation on this topic has made me focus on my own experiences and it is because of my personal story that I have lately been specifically interested in the loss of this “at Home” feeling, on the imperfection and cracks, even on death. The fragility of this concept fascinates me. The balance that underlies the sensation of feeling at home can be so easily disturbed bringing about unease and suffer.

    It is, therefore, that in my pieces I materialize my thoughts and reflections on these topics, while in particular expressing wishes, concerns, and criticisms regarding the world surrounding me.